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A website was created as a primary digital support medium. So, you are the one who understands the most about your company. We will create digital media just the way you want it!! You know better then us ......

Our Services

We don’t have many services, we don’t have many clients. But we offer you totality services. Lets us be your “new friends”

Web Design

Not leading you with an “opinion” design in our opinion, but we will try to understand more about your wishes. A design that represents you / your company in accordance with the latest developments in the digital world is our achievement.


The website will be maximized when development is carried out regularly. Currently nothing is instant in cyberspace because it has become the main focus of the world which creates high competition. Updating, SEO Optimize, Marketplace Decission, and maintenance are key.

24/7 Friend

Through various media currently available, we strive to be your “good friend”, sharing your stories and digital obstacles. We can only be a solution for you, when we know you and your goals. Gede is a good friend.

Om Swastiastu, Greetings from Bali

I started my career in the digital world, when websites were still an expensive choice for us. In 2000 I had the opportunity to become an IT Manager at a Multinational Export company in Bali.

That’s when I started to know the language HTML, Macromedia Flash and Front Page. Using my FTP when we upload the website. An opportunity that is of invaluable value to me at this time. A basis that allows me to understand and understand the concept of today’s very fast digital development.

But most importantly, I am a good listener. I prefer to listen first to be able to understand and understand the goals of my client / prospective client. I am aware of my limitations, but with the knowledge that I have. I’m sure I can beautify and digitally maximize what you want.

Gde Wibisana (Pan Galih)

Compatible for Mobile Plaforms, too.

In the past, websites were only prepared for visitors via desktops/laptops. Today’s website, is a website that must be visited through multi-gadget. The designs that we have created are integrated to be accessible on mobile phones, tablets/ipads and various other digital media.

We make You able to manage Anytime, Anywhere….

Manage and make important updates to the website you can do yourself anytime and anywhere. We help prepare a website that you can update later using a CMS platform that is easy and can be done from the various gadgets you have.

We don’t just want you to be tied to our services. But we want you to help make improvements or revisions as needed. Even from the very beginning of the build process, we provide real-time options for monitoring what we are doing. Thus minimizing errors or deviating from what you want.

Under your supervision, we build – create and publish this website. Because we realize that you are the one who knows better what you want and the mission of the company you have. We only help to perfect in all the limitations we have.

Our Web-Design
Process & Workflow.

Communication between you and us is crucial. We will be good listeners to find out what you really want.

Most web-designers offer you their various features and powers. GEDE does not offer this, but we will be your BEST FRIENDS – so we understand what you want and complete it from what we can. We offer a long term cooperation.

Let's Talk !!

The more you tell us, the more it will help us understand your needs.


Together you make the best plans while you provide complete data. It’s so important


Start doing website design in real-time, so you know what we made from the start. And you have the opportunity to direct us throughout the process


After ONLINE – the next step is to jointly manage the website to be better. Analyze competitors and manage SEO strategies.

Let's Start Works with Gede, now !!

We limit the number of clients within a certain time span so that we can serve our clients well and maximally. We prioritize the quality of the results - not the quantity.

Ask Gede for any online or website design needed. A private service run by Balinese who stay in Canggu. We are not the No.1 but we assure you that we are the best friend that you can have.


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