Who is Kemas Europe GmbH?

Kemas Europe GmbH, located in Bavaria, Germany, is a company dedicated to assisting individuals and organizations on their green journey. Positioned at the heart of Europe, they are strategically situated to cater to the diverse needs of their clients.

One of their remarkable offerings is access to innovative new material, which serves as a crucial component in achieving sustainability goals. While there is no definitive solution to the challenges we face, this groundbreaking material represents a significant stride towards eliminating petro-carbons from supply chains across various industries and applications.

Challenging Experience

Creating and developing the web group for PT Kemas Indah Maju has been an instrumental experience for Meet Gede. Consequently, he was entrusted with the task of spearheading the development of Kemas Europe GmbH’s website in collaboration with Mr. Adrian Robinson. This presented a fresh set of challenges, particularly due to the remote nature of the work and limited availability of supporting documentation. Meet Gede had to overcome these obstacles while ensuring the website catered to the company’s specific requirements in Germany.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) posed yet another formidable challenge for Meet Gede. Given that Kemas Europe GmbH’s target market is Europe, infiltrating the European SEO landscape proved to be considerably more arduous. The region’s stringent regulations and limitations made it particularly challenging to enhance the website’s visibility. Additionally, Kemas Europe GmbH boasted an incredibly secure online system, which presented further complexities. This endeavor marked Meet Gede’s first foray into developing and managing SEO strategies for the European market, and it demanded unwavering dedication and hard work.

Fortunately, after a few weeks of relentless effort, the European Search Engines successfully crawled and listed the link. The achievement was made possible through a comprehensive approach that included a multitude of link-building strategies. However, attaining the same level of success as will require sustained commitment and additional time and effort.


Client Mission


Website Redesign


Day Turnaround


SEO Result

Quick 24/7

Realtime Web-Design


Realtime Web-Design & Communications

In real-time we communicate with clients while doing real Website Design. Immediately we work and the results can be seen by the client at the same time. 

Rebuilt From the Inside Out with Clients

Together with our clients we create a website design work which of course is not only our work, but also the client’s own thoughts.

SEO Mapping

The next step for us is to design an SEO sketch that is expected to be able to bring this LIMEX website to compete with its predecessors.

  • Multi Gadget Compatible 100% 100%
  • Website Traffic 70% 70%
  • Search Engine Crawled 90% 90%
  • SEO Development 100% 100%
  • Maintenance 100% 100%


Overall, the journey of Meet Gede and his team in developing and optimizing the website for Kemas Europe GmbH has been a rewarding yet challenging experience. Their unwavering determination, combined with strategic planning and execution, has paved the way for significant accomplishments.

As they continue to navigate the path toward success, they remain committed to helping clients embark on their own green journey and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Website History

Showing you the timeline of website development and revision. To see how is the development, and what we do during the time to time.

The Beginning - February 2023

On the mid of February 2023, MeetGede start the hosting preparation for an associated company from PT Kemas Indah Maju in Bavaria, Germany. It is KEMAS EUROPE GmbH.

  • Early March 2023, we had several remote meeting with Mr Adrian and Mrs Dina K Dinata regarding the website concept, idea and mainframe basic design.
  • It’s take us 2 weeks to design, redesign, revise and developed the website. Try to get finalize faster at that time to deal with Exhibitions that KEMAS will attendign abroad.
Google Site Kit Depployed - March 2023

During mid March 2022  has been start deploying Google Site Key. Integrating website analytic in to Google Analytics System.

Update Pages March 2023 - Today

During 2023 there are not many pages updated, due to not many requests from KemasEurope. But during the time until today, Meet Gede still working on the SEO dan SERP as European search engines were difficult to list.

SEO History

Showing you the timeline of website development and revision. To see how is the development, and what we do during the time to time.

Captured by Google - April 2023
  • Actually previous version of websites were captured by google (google bot) on March 2023
  • Google analytic start collecting data from visitors and other statistic data calculations in Godaddy.
Google Keyword Achievement
  • Search using any word start with “kemaseurope ….” were listed
  • Any search with “company name” were listed
  • Listed on keyword “kemas europe“, please remember there are other KEMAS company listed so many years before, but now on search engine we are the first.
  • Structured SEO has been not build until today, and we still working on it


Jalan Padangtawang Gang V/4, Padangtawang, Canggu, Bali

(+62) 819-1800-6667