Having encountered numerous companies and managements throughout my career, there is a commonality in the initial stages of our approach. This similarity arises during the data collection phase. For us, as digital developers – initial data is crucial as it significantly influences the best approach we can take.

For digital developers like us at MeetGede.com, data collection is the key to conducting analysis. The initial data shared with us guides us in determining the strategies and steps to plan in order to achieve the same target.

The Old Shield of Management

A flawed paradigm has taken hold in the minds of most workers. Even I, myself, used to have the same mindset. The mindset that “the presence of newcomers” threatens the existence of their predecessors and seeks out their faults has instilled fear from the beginning of our interactions. With such thinking, we immediately adopt a defensive mode. We strive to perfect what has been done before, defend everything that has been accomplished, consider everything done as correct, and downplay any shortcomings displayed.

We often face this situation too frequently. Sometimes, we find how protective certain divisions of our clients can be, which gradually creates struggles for us as we try to dig deeper.

But did you know that for digital management like us, we need openness and embrace all negative values to eventually turn them into positive impacts?

When many things are concealed and hidden, our planned steps cannot be fully maximized. There will still be numerous gaps that exist even after all the efforts we put in. The results we obtain are highly influenced by the transparency and data we can gather.

We Are Not Replacing Anyone

The existence of digital management like us fundamentally does not eliminate or replace anyone. Digital management is a field based on tangible numbers. Everything we do is measurable and cannot be manipulated. It all emerges in visible and quantifiable statistical figures. It’s not an ambiguous analogy that can be covered up or maneuvered.

  • SEO and SERP will be visible on search engines. How a website page appears in search engine results is evident and cannot be merely hearsay.
  • The number of visitors will also be directly visible. The number of visitors to a website page depends greatly on whether the page is attractive or not. And the process of making it attractive requires openness from the previous management.
  • The structure of website pages also heavily relies on data on how the weaknesses of previous digital tools can be addressed to compete with their rivals.
  • Target markets are also greatly influenced by the initial process of determining them, obtained from existing initial data and the direction of future management.

The process of digital management (SEO, SERP, web development, CMS management, social media targeting) is a lengthy one that cannot be instantaneously created. Many clients have engaged in social media marketing that seemed to be maximized but ended up with low sales.

However, no matter what, the ultimate goal for any company is sales. The initial process required may involve convincing potential consumers, capturing their interest, educating them, influencing them, and even showcasing the strengths and weaknesses of the products or services we offer to eventually make potential consumers accept and believe in them enough to make a purchase. This is the ultimate outcome desired by any company.

However, after the sale, we sometimes forget that customers can still become loyal customers and even potential business partners in the future.


It is crucial for us to obtain the right data and support, especially in today’s era where competition occurs not only physically but also digitally. There are too many competitors utilizing the same strategies, making the market share appear saturated. Only “creative digital management” can save you and your company. And digital management requires you to show us all your weaknesses and strengths to maximize them.

We are not replacing anyone – we are simply striving to maximize all aspects to achieve what is hoped for by all parties. Your success is the perfect portfolio for us, the digital management team.