The Big Hope

Having known Bro Dewata from its inception six years ago, I have finally taken the leap to pursue my biggest dream of building a Mega-Portal website for Tourism Information and Tours. After several meetings with Bro Dewata management, we have agreed to embark on a major development collaboration between MeetGede and the Bro Dewata Community Driver.

Bro Dewata itself comprises hundreds of tour drivers in Bali. Over time, they have established a cooperative called Rajawali Soedirman Djaya (Koperasi RSD) with the mission of uplifting their members, something I had personally been working towards for the past five years. I understand the challenges of navigating the current market, as there is fierce competition among tour operators and transportation providers on this island.

The Core Idea

The core idea behind developing is to provide a centralized database of tourist information on the website, combined with user-friendly details that assure clients or tourists of the quality of BroDewata’s services. Additionally, we aim to provide a robust digital marketing framework that can be utilized by local businesses supporting BroDewata (many of whom are also our friends) to gain wider recognition.


The Challenges of Building Mega-Portals

Meet Gede understands that building and developing a vast database like’s Mega-Portals is a time-consuming endeavor. Our first challenge was budgeting, as most of the investment had to come from Meet Gede and BroDewata. However, we acknowledge that the time and effort invested will ultimately outweigh the monetary value spent. Meet Gede has deployed its knowledge and premium plugins to realize this dream alongside Bro Dewata, aiming for a brighter future.

The second challenge involves collecting data, images, videos, and copywriting extensive information and inputting it into our mega-portals. As we gather data from numerous sources, including travel agency websites and tourist information, we strive to present it in a manner that is engaging for visitors and clients, while also ensuring compatibility across multiple devices. We aim to enable customers/clients to experience the exceptional services offered by during their visit to Bali, with potential expansion to Bali and Beyond in the future.

Our third challenge lies in competing with the multitude of travel agencies in Bali, many of which established their websites long before us. Targeting the same pool of tourists presents an additional hurdle. However, this means that we must strive to achieve a strong SEO position for in the coming months. Undoubtedly, it is challenging for a new website to gain market share in the competitive landscape of travel agencies and tour operators, particularly in Bali.

Nevertheless, we are determined to embark on this journey with unwavering goodwill and trust in God. will find its place, somehow, somewhere.

At present, this mega-portal has been developed to accommodate BroDewata Transportation Teams, BroDewata’s business partners, associates, friends in local businesses, and also to provide reputable information about Bali and Beyond Tourism for our cherished clients and customers.


Client Mission


Website Redesign


Day Turnaround


SEO Result

Quick 24/7

Realtime Web-Design


Realtime Web-Design & Communications

In real-time we communicate with clients while doing real Website Design. Immediately we work and the results can be seen by the client at the same time. 

Rebuilt From the Inside Out with Clients

Together with our clients we create a website design work which of course is not only our work, but also the client’s own thoughts.

SEO Mapping

The next step for us is to design an SEO sketch that is expected to be able to bring this LIMEX website to compete with its predecessors.

  • Multi Gadget Compatible 100% 100%
  • Website Traffic 10% 10%
  • Search Engine Crawled 5% 5%
  • SEO Development 1% 1%
  • Maintenance 30% 30%


Ultimately, this endeavor represents our pursuit of a dream for a better future. It is about taking a step forward in accomplishing what may seem impossible in our lives.

In the initial weeks of development, we have engaged in numerous discussions and remote meetings with the BroDewata team leader, while MeetGede has been diligently collecting a wealth of tourist information to be later distributed to our valued clients and customers. May God bless us abundantly throughout the long-lasting development of

Website History

Showing you the timeline of website development and revision. To see how is the development, and what we do during the time to time.

The Beginning - May 12th, 2023

The journey commenced with a humble meeting at MeetGede’s home, where Mr. Hendra, the founder of BroDewata, shared his vision. Subsequently, in a second meeting, it was agreed upon to collaborate and undertake the ambitious task of building and developing BRODEWATA.ID.

Initiate Development - May 15th, 2023

We initiated the process by securing hosting and domain registration, ensuring that the chosen hosting provider would adequately support the development of our mega-portal. Additionally, we decided to utilize multiple domains, namely:,, and These domains will be implemented later in the course of the development.

Google Site Kit Activation - May 27th, 2023

Recognizing the importance of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SERP (Search Engine Results Page), we proactively activated the Google Site Kit at an earlier stage. Meet Gede pursued a live development approach, progressing step by step directly through the hosting platform. Although this presented challenges, as we needed to maintain an uninterrupted development process (unlike offline development), we aimed to overcome obstacles and move forward.

Update Pages Progress - Until Today

Up to the present moment, we have accomplished the following milestones:

  • Published 4 pages on the website.
  • Generated 46 informative and engaging posts, completed by May 31st, 2023.
  • Conducted revisions on nearly 40 pages and posts to ensure they adhere to SEO guidelines and best practices.
  • Uploaded 125 relevant images to the hosting platform, which will be utilized throughout the website.

Please note that these updates reflect the progress made up until the current date.

SEO History

Showing you the timeline of website development and revision. To see how is the development, and what we do during the time to time.

Captured by Google - STEP 1

First crawled by at May 28th, 2023. And then each day we have several link and post also that listed by google search engine.

During May 31st, 2023 – were acomplished 142 link crawled by google bot and listed (see the image bellow)

Google Keyword Achievement

Due to development, we are stil working on it, and will update when we got some achievement.


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